​I was born in England, but moved to the USA when I was very young. I am now retired and reside in Central Florida with my husband and pets.

​When I was a child I was always bringing home stray animals, or rescuing baby birds, tiny kittens, and orphaned animals.  I've had every kind of pet you can think of from hamsters to rabbits, to pet chickens, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, parakeets, turtles, fish and everything in between.

​The ability to draw is a gift I was born with, I have drawn since I was very young, and being passionate about animals, art and animals are just a natural match for me. 

​​My talent is a gift from God, my techniques are self taught.

​I take pride in my life like and realistic style, and spend many hours creating your portrait.  I always begin the creative process of doing a portrait by doing the eyes first, they truly do reflect the window to the soul.  I do my best to bring to life the character and uniqueness of each pet, knowing myself how loved and precious our pets are to us. 

​After a 25 year absence from the art world, due to raising a family and a full time career, I am now coming back to doing what I love, drawing and painting animals and nature. 

​My work hangs in numerous homes and has been displayed in many places over the years, including winning awards in a number of art exhibits. 

With the changes in technology from when I painted pet portraits in the past, I am now able to record my work  through photography and computer technology.   



​We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals............

​Immanuel Kent

​​​​Earth without art is just "eh"






​I felt moved with indignation when someone stole the sign for this Gopher Tortoise habitat that Sandi Starner had tried so hard to protect.  So I donated my time and materials to make a bigger, better sign to honor the preservation of Myrtle.