I spend and average of 30-40 hours per portrait





​8" x 10" ------------ $130.00                 Single subject only

​11" x 14" -----------  $150.00                  Most requested size, frames to 16" x 20"

​18" x 24" ----------- $175.00

​These prices are for a single subject portrait with a soft subdued background, if a background is desired.  The color of the background will be your choice.  If a detailed background is desired there will be an additional charge agreed upon by both parties.  Each additional subject in the portrait will be $40.00.  Larger portraits available upon special request and subject to individual pricing per portrait.  There is a 30% non-refundable deposit required, based on the total price of the portrait before work on the portrait will begin. An estimated completion date will be given upon ordering, general 3 to 6 weeks.  I will send pictures and updates as the work progresses, if desired, and a final watermarked image when the portrait is complete.  The balance is due prior to or upon completion of the portrait.  Once final payment is received your portrait will be shipped. 

​Prices do not include postage and packaging.  Prices will be determined by your location and the type of packaging for the size of the portrait.  I will only mail portraits return receipt and insured.


​If a customer wishes to cancel a portrait before it is shipped, a money back guarantee minus the non-refundable deposit is agreed upon. 


​If a customer is not satisfied with the final product they should notify me at dirich2@centurylink.net within 7 days of its arrival.  Changes cannot be made at this point, however a 30% refund will be guaranteed once the client has returned the portrait to me in its original condition within 14 days of the complaint.  The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping.  To avoid this problem, a watermarked photograph of the finished portrait will be sent for approval before shipping and any required changes will be made, if possible.  


​I retain copyright on all artwork produced and reserve the right to use the artwork created by me, Diana Fendley, on my website and for promotional material.  If you are not comfortable having your commissioned artwork used for promotional material, please make this known upon ordering.  No duplication of the image is allowed without written consent, or to be used by third parties for profit.  The artwork may not be altered in any way, including removal of my signature.  


​Your personal information is strictly confidential and will not be sold, distributed or leased to third parties.  Your complete privacy is of my utmost concern.


Prices do not include framing or any shipping costs


​Please ensure that the following terms and conditions are understood before placing your order.  Any questions will be gladly answered via email at dirich2@centurylink.net.